Council tax refund

Many people receiving care could be due a Council Tax Refund.  Every council has a Council Tax Reduction scheme to help people on a low income.  Contact your council to ask about the scheme.  Here are the links for Reading BC and SODC.

Council tax refund

Different types of Council Tax Relief are available…

Those receiving Guarantee Pension Credit may qualify for their Council Tax to be paid for them.

If you’re not getting pension credit but do have low you may still get alternative reliefs.  How much relief you get depends on your household income.  This includes your savings or investments; who you live with; which benefits you receive; your age and how much Council Tax you pay.

The amount of council tax relief you receive will likely be higher if you, or someone living with you, has a disability or caring responsibilities.  For people whose home has been adapted or increased in size to accommodate someone with a disability, you may qualify to get a reduction in council tax.  To qualify, the extra space or rooms must there because the disabled person needs this.  The council may request to visit or for a letter from your GP.

It is also worth remembering that those living alone are entitled to a 25% discount on their Council Tax bill.  You may still be eligible for this if you live with other people, since not all people are counted for Council Tax purposes. Those excluded include students, some carers and people with a severe mental impairment.

If your home is empty, you should not have to pay Council Tax.    This is worth remembering for those who have moved into a care home, gone into hospital or gone to live elsewhere.

Those living with someone on a low income who isn’t their partner, you may be eligible for a discount on their council tax called a Second Adult Rebate.


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