Dementia Research

Would you like to be involved in Dementia Research?

Dementia Research is a key are look at by the Berkshire Memory and Cognition Research Centre based at the University of Reading  is part of the NHS.  It carries out Research Studies mainly involving people with dementia and their supporters as well as adults with experiences of mental health issues. Occasionally the Centre also gets involved with areas other than Dementia Research, such as diabetes or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

Raising awareness

Sometimes people have a perception of health and dementia research as being all about medication trials or similar.  However, many of the studies conducted by the Research Centre involve talking to people in their homes about their experiences and those of their supporters.  It is often a very enjoyable and interesting experience for those who agree to take part.  The centre works hand in hand with Community Research Partner organisations,  such as Gardiner’s, to raise awareness.

Who can be involved?

The Research Centre works across Berkshire but can include people who refer themselves from other counties including Oxfordshire.  Please contact the Centre if you would like to be included on their list for receiving information about future dementia research opportunities.  Sometimes if people are interested but are not able to give informed consent, their relatives are able to consent on their behalf.  Once people take part in dementia research they always have the right to withdraw if they change their mind.


Current studies

The Research Centre is currently looking for people to help with a research study looking at how genetics affect the development of both young-onset & also late onset Alzheimer’s disease.  Please contact the Research Centre if you or someone you know has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and experienced symptoms under the age of 70.  The study will involved a detailed questionnaire for  supporters about the person with Alzheimer’s family history and their health history.  The person with Alzheimer’s also gives a blood sample.   All of this is done in the person’s own home.

More info

If you are keen to learn more about The Berkshire Memory and Cognition Research Centre, please telephone  01183785700 or email [email protected]



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