Germ Defence

The Germ defence website provides personalised advice on how to protect your household from COVID-19 and other viruses.

A project combining expertise from three Universities

The project saw three Universities working together.  The University of Bristol, the University of Bath and the University of Southampton.  Research has shown that those who follow the advice from Germ Defence, are less likely to catch flu.  Also they are less likely to catch other viruses and less likely to pass it on to members of their household.

The Germ defence website has been updated for Covid-19.  The researchers, worked with Public Health England and members of the public.

The advice in this project can help everyone.

There are simple things we can all do that will really reduce the risk of viruses in our home.  Germ Defence includes advice on what to do if someone you live with is especially, vulnerable.  There is also advice on what to do if someone you live with catches Covid-19.  The website helps people to understand what steps they can take in their own homes to help avoid infection.

The advice and tips on the Germ Defence website have been tested.  The creators have made sure the advice is as understandable and useful as possible.  It provides practical advice on things like ventilation and social distancing.

The website takes only take 10 to read through and gives simple steps that really work.

Gardiner’s clients are amongst the most vulnerable to COVID-19.  Our fantastic team have been helping our clients to understand the steps that they can take to keep themselves safe from COVID-19.

With the new variant of Covid-19 spreading through our communities, now more than ever, the safety precautions that we can take to help protect ourselves, our families and our loved ones from Covid-19 are vital.  Whilst the vaccine for many is hopefully only a few weeks away from being received, the lesson and behaviours learned will help protect us all from Coivd-19 and other viruses for years to come.

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