Top home care ratings and awards

Gardiner’s Homecare has again received top home care ratings in the care awards.  A huge thank you to all those who took the time to review our service and to all of our fantastic staff.  

We are very proud of our score of 9.887 and the feedback received.  Sadly, for 2019, unlike in previous years, Gardiner’s did not receive an award for being in the top 20, congratulations to those who were included (see below).

At Gardiner’s, we are not selective about who we ask to provide a review which is why we have 88 reviews.  Our total is more than double any of those awarded top 20 staus in the South East of England, 6 of whom had less than 20 reviews.

In May 2019 we contacted to explain that we felt their system for ratings and awards did potentially allow for providers to be selective about who they requested feedback from.   If you agree with us that the rating and award system needs to be revised and weighted fairly to reduce the chance of  selective review requests, please contact

ScoreAvg  ratingNo. reviews
Gardiner’s Homecare Ltd9.8874.988


Awards – Top 20 South East England 2019ScoreAvg  ratingNo. reviews
Aims Homecare Ltd9.986512
All About Home Care9.983520
Baxters Homecare Ltd9.9424.924
Caremark (Chiltern & Three Rivers)9.994526
Caremark (Thanet)9.9404.929
Everycare (Eastbourne)9.9444.924
Helping Hands and Company Kings Yard,9.965524
Home Instead Senior Care (Bexhill & Hastings)9.983510
Home Instead Senior Care (East Hamp)9.9484.935
Home Instead Senior Care (Fareham and Gosport)9.958532
Home Instead Senior Care (Folkestone)9.985511
Home Instead Senior Care (Maidenhead)9.967531
Home Instead Senior Care (North Oxfordshire)9.9334.935
Meridian Community Care Ltd9.970511
Nightingales Golden Care Ltd9.9254.942
Right at Home (High Wycombe & District)9.9274.916
Right at Home (Portsmouth)9.9394.922
Right at Home (Reading & Wokingham District)9.951514
Right at Home (Solent) (Right at Home UK)9.9274.941
Right at Home (Windsor & Maidenhead)10530


Our 2018 post…

Gardiner’s have again been recognised for delivering excellent care at home.  Gardiner’s have been awarded a ‘Top 20 Recommended home care agency provider (South East England) 2018’.

The top home care agency provider awards highlight the most recommended home care providers in each region of the UK.  The awards are based on nearly 10,000 reviews from those who rely on care at home as well as their friends and family.

To read our reviews visit –

Perhaps Gardiner’s can help you or someone you know?  If so, or just to find our more about us, please do get in touch.

Gardiner’s were recognised during the first year of the awards in 2015.  After an absence in 2016, Gardiner’s were again recognised in 2017.  We are delighted to make it now 3 times in 4 years that we have received this award.

Extract from 2015 & 2017 awards…

Our aim is to be the best homecare provider, the stand out provider of quality domiciliary care in Reading, Henley and South Oxfordshire.  This award was based upon the feedback received from service users and demonstrates that we are meeting our aim.

Our success is only achieved as a team.  That team work includes everything from the management of the business to the training and support provided to care workers.  Also the hard work and dedication of all our Care Managers and their teams of amazing care workers.

Our thanks and appreciation go to everyone that was a part of this and we congratulate them all.  We wish to thank all of our clients that took the time to provide the feedback.  For them to acknowledge the dedication of their care workers is so appreciated.  Some of the comments made were very moving.  It is extremely rewarding to have made such a difference to so many people lives at what can be a very difficult time.

We are very proud of this award and it is much appreciated.  Gardiner’s shall not rest on our laurels.  We will continue improving our service through the maintenance of good quality practice.

2015 Davina Ludlow, director of, said:

“We felt the best people to say how good a home care agency really is, are those receiving the home care as well as their families and friends. Their recommendations show the warmth and excellent care that is given by so many home care agencies.  These highly recommended home care agencies enable people to still live in their own homes.  Home care workers often become their friend and lifeline to the outside world.”

“Gardiner’s Homecare has proved that it provides great care.  We would like to congratulate it on being a top recommended home care agency in South East England. It’s a fantastic achievement to be recognised for being a highly recommended home care agency from the people you care for.”

2017 Davina Ludlow, director of, said:

“Good quality care enables people to stay in their homes and keep their independence, with their care worker often becoming their friend as well as a lifeline to the outside world.

“Our reviews are given by those receiving care as well as their family and friends. This helps people to search for the right provider, where trust and dignity are paramount.

“Gardiner’s Homecare has shown that it provides high-quality care and we’d like to congratulate it on being one of the top providers in South East England!

“Looking for the right provider can be tough. We hope our awards will help to make people’s search that little bit easier.”


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