Committed to Transparency and Feedback

At Gardiner’s Homecare, providing exceptional in-home care to residents of Reading, Henley, and South Oxfordshire goes beyond just our services. We understand the importance of transparency, engagement, and continuous improvement. That’s why we prioritize gathering actionable feedback from our clients and caregivers and actively respond to the public.

A Culture of Feedback:

Regular Client Surveys: We conduct regular client surveys to gauge satisfaction with our services. The results are meticulously analyzed every quarter and publicly shared on our website. This allows potential clients to see what our existing clients experience.  Click here to see a summary of the most recent client survey results.

Staff Feedback Matters: We value our caregivers immensely, and their feedback is crucial. We gather regular staff surveys, analyze them quarterly, and share the results publicly. This transparency fosters a sense of community and empowers our caregivers.  Click here to see a summary of the most recent staff engagement survey results.

Positive Reinforcement: We proactively seek testimonial feedback on platforms like Boasting over 175 reviews, with a perfect 10/10 rating, we far surpass local competitors. This positive social proof reflects the exceptional quality of care we provide.

Building Trust Through Reviews: Encouraging Google reviews and Facebook reviews allows clients to share their experiences directly. We go the extra mile by responding to every review, demonstrating our commitment to open communication and addressing any concerns.

Transparency: A Core Value

We believe transparency is paramount. While we celebrate our successes and positive feedback, we also actively seek areas for improvement. By sharing client and caregiver survey results publicly, we demonstrate our commitment to continuous improvement and a genuine desire to provide the best possible care.

Looking to Learn More?

We encourage you to explore our website’s dedicated feedback section, where you’ll find client and caregiver survey results, alongside client testimonials. For a more personal touch, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions. Gardiner’s Homecare is committed to providing exceptional care and fostering open communication – because trust matters.