Support with medication

Medication at homeTaking medication in line with the prescribed instructions can be really important.  Our approach is to support clients maintain as much independence as possible with respect to their medication.

Sometimes people require physical assistance only with medication for example popping tablets from a blister pack, opening bottle tops or applying creams or eye drops.  In these circumstances, our care team will follow our clients instructions allowing the client to retain responsibility.  If a high level of assistance is required we are happy to take that responsibility on.

We encourage all clients to have pharmacist filled nomad packs rather than medication in individual bottles, this often allows clients to retain responsibility for their own medication for longer.  We are only allowed to assist with medication which comes from a container filled directly by a pharmacist, we cannot assist with medication which is placed by a family member in a bowl or dosette box.

Our care team are more than happy to check that clients have taken their medication and prompt or remind if needed.  Where we have concern about a client for example not taking medication this will be reported to the cleints care manager and dealt with appropriately.

Support from our nurses and carers can give you the confidence that medication is being taken correctly.

If you’d like some help please do get in touch.

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