Gardiner’s Homecare Values

Gardiner’s Homecare – Our Values: At Gardiner’s, our vision is to work as a team and make a real difference to the lives of the people we help to support.

We continually review, develop and improve the service we provide.

To help us fulfill our vision, we embrace a set of core values that are the foundation of everything we do.

Our Values

Homecare values  Homecare values  Homecare values

Our values define us, they influence who we are,  what we believe, the way we live and the way we treat people.

In our workplace, they are guiding principles linked to behaviours that help our team deliver exceptional care and support.  We expect all staff to share our values and work with them.

Homecare Values – Dignity & Respect

At Gardiner’s we:

  • accept and respect peoples’ individuality.
  • respect peoples’ right to make their own decisions and choices.
  • take time to listen and communicate in an open and straightforward way.
  • protect and respect peoples’ confidential information.
  • allow people to maintain their dignity, especially during personal care.

Homecare Values – Working together

At Gardiner’s we:

  • empower, encourage and enable people who need care and support to do things for themselves and to make their own decisions
  • communicate options and offer realistic choices
  • build two-way relationships of trust with colleagues and service users
  • commit to working with and supporting others as part of a team.
  • communicate effectively
  • understand and respect other peoples’ priorities
  • adapt our approach taken according to the individual and situation

Homecare Values – Professional & Transparent

At Gardiner’s we:

  • demonstrate a commitment to learning and development
  • are self-aware and regularly reflect on work and the approach we take
  • are honest and transparent
  • support, coach and or mentor each other when needed
  • seek and reflect upon feedback from colleagues, service users, and their families
  • recognise our limits and when to seek support and advice
  • are open to learning
  • are warm, kind, reliable, empathetic, and compassionate

Gardiner’s Homecare is a proud, long-standing member of the The Homecare Association