Homecare Costs – Our Charges

Our charges reflect the experience of our team and the quality of the services and support we provide.  They enable us to recruit, train and retain the best team of Care Workers by paying them what they deserve.

Regular care duties that occur every week – our minimum duty charge is 1 hour.

Mon to Fri daytime (before 6pm)                                              £35.00 per hour

Weekdays before (after 6pm) + weekends all day                   £39.38 per hour

Regular night duties (10 hours)

For a sleeping night, the Care Worker needs a bed in a separate room and between 10pm to 6am, should receive at least 5 hours sleep with no more than 2 night calls otherwise it is a Waking night.

                                                               Sleeping nights                  Waking nights

Monday to Thursday                                  £165                                      £215

Friday, Saturday and Sunday                    £185                                      £240


Unplanned extensions + Ad hoc / one off duties – 25% extra on the costs above.

Ad hoc only care packages – £750 is payable in advance. £250 to contribute towards set-up costs, £500 as a non-refundable credit to be used within 12 months against the cost of ad hoc care requests that Gardiner’s can cover.

Cancelling duties

  • To cancel or reduce the service, 14 days’ notice is required.
  • If at the time of cancellation, a duty is not covered, we will not charge you.
  • Individual duties cancelled will be charged at 50%, this allow us to pay 50% to the carers that have committed their time.

For those admitted to hospital, or that have suspended care for another reason, you will be charged the 50% cancellation fee for the first 14 days, and your Care Workers paid 50%.  To retain your team, you may continue to pay the 50% cancellation fee ongoing but must ask to do so prior to the 14 days ending.

Bank holidays are charged at double the usual rate, as is Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.

Additional management charges – £85 / hour – this covers support beyond managing the care directly provided by Gardiner’s staff – for example liaising with GP’s or pharmacists.  You will be advised if this will apply.

Live more remotely? – If, on average, the Care Workers will need to travel more than 3 miles to reach you, we may need to charge an addition 50p per mile per duty.  If applicable, you will be advised about this charge during the enquiry process.

Invoices and rosters are sent weekly by email – if posting, there is a charge of £3 / week.

Payment of invoices is due within 7 days payable by direct debit – where this is not possible, a deposit equivalent to 2 weeks care is required and there is an admin fee of £3 week.


Other info

Please read our New Client frequently asked questions.

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How much does a home carer cost per hour?

The price of home care varies.  The cheapest approach will always be to source and directly employ a care worker yourself.  A private carer won’t be registered or inspected.  You will likely need to be responsible for their insurance and payroll as well as doing background checks and arranging cover when they can’t work.

Some care agencies will provide care for less than £30 / hour – do think about whether you are happy to have visits shorter than one hour – does this allow time for companionship?  Also, reflected in the cost will be the support provided to clients and care managers – does the provider have a named care manager for every client?  Will you receive the same carer at the specified time every week?  Are the carer workers happy and paid well and at a fair rate?

Our homecare costs or charges reflect the experience and quality of service and support provided. They also enable us to recruit and retain the best team of Care Workers by paying them the pay they deserve.

More often than not, home care tends to be cheaper than going into residential care.