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Care resources
Care resources for care at home

We hope you find this page of care resources informative.  Please do make suggestions for any other areas which you feel that we should include here.

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Personal care

Personal care is help with personal matters such as eating, drinking, washing, going to the toilet, getting up, getting dressed, going to bed, taking medicines and other things.  Here are some personal care resources which you may find helpful.


Here are some resources that are relevant to health – what can you do to help maintain your health?


Staying safe can reduce your risk of facing an accident or incident that might harm your ability to remain independent.  We hope you find these resources helpful.

Independence at home

Detailed below are some links to resources that may help you to maintain your independence.


As we age we can become more vulnerable – what can you do to help keep yourself safe?


These resources below you may find helpful in respect of organising your finances

Dignity and Respect care resources

Community, social and other care resources

Dementia care resources

For further resources please look at:

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