Dignity & Respect

Central to achieving the Gardiner’s vision to work as a team and make a real difference to the lives of the people we help to support is our belief that everyone should be treated with Dignity & Respect.

Treating people with Dignity & Respect is one of the Gardiner’s key values.  It helps to define who we are,  what we believe and the way we treat people.

In our workplace, this key value is linked to behaviours that help our team to deliver exceptional care and support.

We expect all staff to share our values and work to them.

So, which behaviours demonstrate the Gardiner’s values of Dignity and Respect?

  • Accepting and respecting people’s individuality
  • Protecting and respecting people’s confidential information
  • Taking time to listen
  • Respecting people’s right to make their own decisions and choices
  • Communicating in an open and straightforward way using appropriate language
  • Allowing people to maintain their dignity, especially during personal care

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