Why work in care?

What are the reasons that you should consider a career helping others? Why work in care?

Why work in care?

It is incredibly rewarding to make a difference

Do you like making a real difference to people’s lives?  Our team does just that, many, many times every single day.  It is hard to beat the satisfaction gained from knowing how you have helped someone and how grateful that person and their families are to you for what the support you have provided.

Take a moment to read some of our recent client testimonials… now imagine what it must feel like to know that you are responsible for that feedback – it is you and your colleagues that have helped that individual and you know how much they appreciation they have.  What other role can you have such an impact?  The smallest things can make the biggest difference to clients.

At every care duty, you will be helping to make life that bit easier for someone in need.  Knowing that you make a difference provides a real sense of achievement.  Building relationships with clients, as well as their family and friends is special and makes care work unique.

If you are the type of person who loves to help others and go that extra step to make a difference, then a career in care is a fantastic and rewarding choice.  The appreciation you get from clients and knowing that you’ve improved someone’s life, make every day worthwhile.


Care work most definitely isn’t a 9-5 job!

The people we support often need help at varying times depending upon their needs.  Perhaps support is needed early in the morning to get up and ready for the day.  Or later in the day for help around the house or for a trip out.  Often support is needed with meals, in the evening before bed, or even overnight.

With support needed throughout the day, care workers are able to balance their availability to work in care with their other commitments.


No day in care is ever the same.  As a Care Worker, you will look after a wide range of individuals with differing and ever-changing support needs.

Every person you support will be different and their support needs will change over time.  You’ll constantly meet new people and do different tasks as part of your day-to-day.

You’ll meet some fascinating people

Care workers have the opportunity to really get to know the people they support.  Each client has a lifetime of experience which many enjoy sharing.  Our clients are fascinating people with a wonderful amount to offer.  You’ll hear some wonderful stories and unique perspectives.

Care work by it’s nature tends to involve helping those who are facing difficulties.  Watching the way people cope can be truly inspiring.

Demand for high-quality care workers is high

The demand for care is growing.  With a growing elderly population, care workers will always be in demand.  If you enjoy working in care and helping others you are never likely to be short of work.

You’re a valued part of a team

As a care worker, you are just one part of a much wider team.  As well as your direct colleagues, you will also interact with doctors, district nurses and social workers.  Along with each client’s circle of family and friends – you will all work together in the best interests of the person you support.

You learn new skills and build confidence

As a care worker, you will of course undertake training with formal qualifications being available.  However, you learn on the job too.  Faced with the unexpected you will become resourceful and adaptable.   These skills will benefit other aspects of your life.

Values vs Experience

Don’t write off becoming a care worker just because you don’t have any experience yet.  As an applicant to a care worker role, recruiters are keen to take on those whose values make them well suited to being a care worker.

Being the right type of person is key. Are you:

  • warm-hearted?
  • someone who has a genuine concern for others?
  • a listener who likes to empower those they help?
  • conscientious and dependable?
  • organised?
  • able to respond calmly to the unexpected?
  • determined to make a positive difference to someone’s life?

First and foremost, a Care Worker needs to have a genuine concern for others.  Care workers should naturally treat other people with genuine sensitivity.  They should treat situations and other people without prejudice, or preconception.

A great Care Worker will listen to and empower those they look after.  They do not take over but try to encourage and support in maintaining independent daily living.

What makes a good care workerA Service User must be able to depend on their care team.  Tasks like helping someone to get up in the morning, to wash and dress, or take their medication, demand reliability. Care Workers should be conscientious and dependable, arriving punctually and carrying out their tasks to the best of their ability.

A good Care Worker needs to be organised and able to respond to the unexpected.  The person supported may want to visit a friend, or need to attend an appointment, or indeed fall unexpectedly ill.  A Care Worker needs to be able to react calmly and responsively, whatever the situation.

Great Care Workers need to be determined to make a positive difference to someone’s life. They need to interact with those they support with a cheerful demeanour.  Good Care Worker understand when to take the initiative when the person the person they are supporting wants this and reacting flexibly to make sure that person can live as independently as possible.

Working in care can be a hugely rewarding experience, the role of Care Worker is also varied and interesting.  The satisfaction that comes from building a constructive relationship with the person supported and helping them to achieve their desired outcomes cannot be understated.

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