Personal care at home

At some point in our lives, most of us will need some support with personal care at home.  Many of us may, as we age, find it difficult to get dressed, undressed or washed.  Asking for, and accepting help, with washing and getting dressed can be a difficult thing to come to terms with having been independent and private with this throughout our adult lives.

Personal care at homeFamily members supporting with personal care at home

Often family members want to be the primary carer for a loved one. For some family members, supporting with personal care at home can be awkward.  Often it is easier for a professional carer, who is experienced in treating clients in a dignified and respectful manner to help provide personal care.

The importance of using safe technique

It is also important to remember that assisting with dressing or washing can be dangerous if poor technique is used when lifting or moving.  The danger to the person being supported is obvious.  Many techniques which feel natural are in fact dangerous and may potentially cause injury.  It is also really important to remember that you as the person who is helping to provide the support are at risk from poor technique.  It is easy to injure oneself by using poor technique when helping someone to move or stand up for example.  A serious injury, to a person’s main carer, will prevent them from providing care.  A relatively minor injury may also be sufficient to make providing care far harder and perhaps unstainable.

NHS advice on safe support with moving

Our experienced and trained care team will provide support safely and in a dignified way.  Wherever possible our nurses and carers will encourage independence but will be there to assist if needed.  They can help with aspects of care that can cause discomfort or embarrassment for example, bathing or continence care.

Our care team can take on as much or as little care as needed and for as long or as short a time as needed.  They can also assist with medication, support to get in or out of bed, assistance with errands or support to go out during the day.  Our team can also stay the night and assist if needed.

If you’d like some help please do get in touch get in touch or call us on 011893347474 to speak with one of our friendly care managers.

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