Prevent nuicance and fraudulent calls by using a Call Blocker

If you or a loved one have been targetted by nuisance calls or scammers, you may which to consider using a call blocker.

What is a call blocker?

Call blockers deter or prevent cold calls from telemarketers and fraudsters.  The call blocker service intercepts call and will check the caller’s number.  If the call is from a trusted caller then the phone will ring as normal.  Depending upon the level of protection that you want, call blockers may block calls from unknown numbers altogether.  Alternatively, some systems play a message which asks the caller to hang up and not call back if they are a cold caller, or to leave their name if it is not a cold call.

What are nuisance calls?

Nuisance phone calls are any unwelcome call that a person receives.  It is now cheap for call centres to make huge numbers of calls, it is estimated that in the UK we receive over 3 billion nuisance phone calls each year.  Malicious callers that want to scam and steal also operate often from their own calls centres.  Simple precautions can help to protect you from their calls.

Will I notice a call blocker?

Call blockers are unobtrusive, the user will notice no difference in how their landline telephone usually works, other than the nuisance calls will be filtered out.  Indeed, over time, they may even forget that they have a call blocker installed!

Call Blocker

The National Trading Standards (NTS) Scams Team has secured some government funding to supply a limited number of trueCall Secure call blocker units free of charge.  Alternatively, these can be purchased privately.

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