Care at Christmas

Christmas is a time for families to come together. For families with loved ones who receive care, organising Care at Christmas can be a bit more complicated than usual.  At Gardiner’s, our team will help our clients’ families to enjoy the festivities.  Please do contact Gardiner’s if you would like us to help you or a loved one this Christmas.

Arranging care in plenty of time gives peace of mind that you’re ready for the big day.  At Gardiner’s, we work hard planning for Care at Christmas.  We are always grateful to all the Care Workers who give up their time to help support those who need Care at Christmas.  Our team can help check that a relative is ready for the festive celebrations, or perhaps to help put up decorations or accompany to a carol concert.  We will help to make Christmas a wonderful occasion and make sure your loved one is comfortable and feels looked after during the celebrations.

Many of our team are happy to help organise a  video call for different members of the family, if this is something that appeals, please just ask.

We are all getting into the festive spirit – the office is decorated, both inside and out.

Care at Christmas

Christmas Jumper Day

We look forward to taking part in Christmas Jumper Day every year…

Care at Christmas

Christmas celebrations at Gardiners Homecare

Christmas celebrations at Gardiners Homecare

Santa Run

Some of our team take part in the santa run…

Santa run

Santa run team

Party time

Care at Christmas

Homecare at Christmas

Collecting for the food bank

We also always collect food donations for the local foodbanks –

Ideally, everyone would get a day off on Christmas Day. Most of us will spend the day opening presents, watching movies and tucking into food.  For many home care workers, Christmas will be about caring for others.  Care workers often help genuinely ill elderly patients who can be lonely over the festive period.  It can be an emotional time.  It’s all a part of the job for the home care worker.  It is the nature of a care service role to work shifts on Christmas Day.   Let’s say a simple thank you to every care worker who will miss Christmas Day with their families to take care of the many thousands of people who need love, care, and support on December 25, like any other day of the year.

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