Caversham Homecare

If you are looking for Caversham Homecare, then you are in the right place.  Caversham has been home to the Gardiner’s office team since the early 1980’s.

Whilst driving through Caversham one day, Ivan Gardiner spotted that builders were working on a previously derelict listed building.  Ivan, or Gus as he was known to many, approached the builders and quickly reached agreement that once the building work was finished, he and Dorothy would buy property to use as the offices from Gardiner’s to manage providing the local area and CavershamHomecare and Nursing.

We are very proud of our offices at 8-10 Church St.  Working in a listed building does present us with challenges, you can find out more about the building here.

Caversham Homecare


Did you know that the kingdom of England was once ruled from Caversham?   William Marshal, Earl of Pembroke, The Greatest Knight had a manor house in Caversham.  The landless second son of a middle-ranking nobleman, he trained as a knight, taking part in jousts and tournaments , and then had worked his way up, serving under four kings – Henry II, Richard the Lionheart, King John, and the boy King Henry III, for whom he was regent.  It was as regent that he ruled the realm from his Caversham manor house, during his last illness.   He had come to be cared for and passed away in spring 1219.  I wonder if William’s Caversham Homecare staff were as dedicated and compassionate as our team?

Local Organisations

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Caversham Park Village Association

Caversham Horticultural Society

Caversham Women’s Institute

Caversham GLOBE (Go Local On a Better Environment)

Caversham Traders Association

Friends of Caversham Court Gardens

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