Lead Care Co-ordinator

When did you join Gardiner’s and what is your background in care?
I joined Gardiner’s in September 2015.  I have worked in the care industry since 2010 starting as a carer and then progressing to care coordinating and assisting with the day to day running’s. 

Why the care industry?
I chose to work in the care industry because I find it very rewarding and satisfying to be able to help others. 

What makes Gardiner’s Homecare different?
Gardiner’s is so different to any other agency I know about because they genuinely care and have more time for clients with a minimum of an hour duty.

What’s your proudest achievement?
One of my proudest achievements is being in an industry where I can always help others.

What are your five favourite things?
My five favourite things are; my family, shopping, going on holiday, socialising and my horse, Peter!

Jane’s email address is jane@gardinershomecare.co.uk