Office Manager

When did you join Gardiner’s and what is your background in care?
I joined Gardiner’s in 2013 following a 28 year career in dentistry. Whilst I enjoyed my time in this industry I was ready to make a change. Moving to the care industry meant that I could transfer some of the skills and knowledge that I already had gained but would experience fresh challenges and experiences. I knew that I loved working in the health sector and working with people, so this was perfect for me.

 Why the care industry?
We spend a huge time of our life at work and it is important to me to not only enjoy my work but to feel that it is of value. Anyone that is able to say this is very lucky and I consider myself to be one of those. Our population is living longer and many wish to remain in their own homes as long as possible, leading as independent a life as they can. At Gardiner’s Homecare we enable many people to do this and the feedback that we receive from them is very touching.

 What makes Gardiner’s Homecare different?
It is a family run business that treats people as individuals. This applies to the office team, the Care Workers, our Service Users and any others that they come into contact with. We all appreciate being treated with dignity and respect. They also strive to provide the highest quality of care possible and continually look to improve. There is no resting on any laurels here!

 What’s your proudest achievement?
Overcoming a childhood fear of open water to be able to go scuba diving! For many years I wanted to scuba dive in the sea whilst on holiday and one year I took the plunge and booked a lesson in a swimming pool in this country. Having mastered the technique I felt more confident and not long after I was exploring the ocean, even touching the sea bed. It was amazing!

What are your five favourite things?

  1. My family. As with most people, they are the most precious thing in my life. This is despite the fact that they can also drive me mad at times!
  2. Music. I have a very eclectic taste in music and love attending live music concerts and festivals. I really enjoying singing and performing with my local Rock Choir, although I must admit to not being the greatest singer.
  3. Travel. The world is a huge place and I feel that I have only scratched the surface. Whilst being fortunate to have seen what I have, there are many more places I’d love to visit.
  4. Yummy food, delicious wine and amazing ales. I am really excited by all the new food choices that are cropping up and love trying out restaurants and washing the fantastic food down with a lovely glass of vino or enjoying a craft beer.
  5. Best of all, combining all the above into one! We regularly travel together as a family and often enjoy nights out eating and drinking, followed by some fantastic live music – HEAVEN!

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