Virtual Reality Dementia Experience

A Walk Through Dementia from Alzheimer’s Research is a Virtual Reality Dementia Experience using an App on your smart phone to put you in the shoes of someone living with dementia.  It demonstrates some of the symptoms that pose challenges to many people living with dementia using everyday situations:

  • A trip to the supermarket
  • Being on the road
  • Life at home

Whilst you may be familiar with some of the symptoms of dementia, many of us tend to not think beyond the obvious memory loss.  You may find that some of the symptoms in the Virtual Reality Dementia Experience will surprise you and may help you think a little differently about dementia.

Popping to the shops – did you pick up on these sypmtoms?

  • Struggling to read your shopping list
  • Short term memory loss
  • Changes in food preferences and eating habits
  • Frustration
  • Navigation problems
  • Anxiety
On the road – did you pick up on these sypmtoms?
  • Getting lost
  • Failing to recognise people you know
  • Puddle or a hole?
  • Problems judging speeds and distances

At home – did you pick up on these sypmtoms?

  • Struggling to remember instructions
  • Struggling to see things that are directly in front
  • Problems with hand-eye coordination

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A Walk Through Dementia was developed by Alzheimer’s Research UKm the technology experts at Visyon.  Alzheimer’s Research has also created The Lived Experience of Dementia.  Created by Alzheimer’s Research UK and Bournemouth University, in partnership with people with dementia and their carers, it uses virtual reality to put healthcare professionals in the shoes of the people they care for.  The Lived Experience of Dementia is a training resource for Care Workers to put them in the shoes of the people they care for, increasing their lived experience of the condition and building awareness of the lesser-known symptoms.

Gardiner’s has purchased a training pack containing and VR headset.  Wy not come and give it a try?

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