What happens when a care worker arrives?

We understand that new people visiting your home to help support you can be a daunting prospect.  So, what happens when a care worker arrives?

Arrival – uniform and badge

When your Care Worker arrives, they will be wearing Gardiner’s uniform and have a photo identification badge.  If you would prefer Care Workers not to wear uniform this is absolutely fine, please just ask.  For a Care Worker’s first visit, please check that the name on the badge is who you are expecting and that the photograph is the same person that has arrived at your door.  If in any doubt, please call the Gardiner’s office to check.

What happens when a care worker arrives?

Key Safe

What happens when a care worker arrives in terms of them gaining access?  Some people can sometimes find it difficult to answer the door.  This might be due to hearing or mobility problems.  Even if these difficulties are only occasional, we suggest that you consider using a key safe.  A key safe is a small box which is fixed near to your front door.  You store your keys in the safe and set a PIN number.  The combination lock securely stores keys to allow access to those who know the code.

For those who struggle with mobility, they might not want to, or might not be able to get up and walk to the door.  Using a key safe and giving the code to let in trusted family members or carers means that they don’t need to.  The key safe combination can be used by Care Workers at every visit if you wish, or alternatively held by the office for use only in an emergency.  Care Workers are not allowed to hold or look after keys for Service User’s homes.

Key safes can also be used to gain access in an emergency.  Without a key safe, emergency service may need to gain entry by force, breaking the door lock.  This leaves the house unsecure for a time and can be expensive to repair.

To organise a key safe, we suggest you contact Forestcare. Set up by Bracknell Council, they cover our area and supply police approved key safes.  In addition, if there is a problem, Forestcare will be there promptly to replace or repair.  Forestcare can also help with installing monitored alarm system to detect smoke, carbon-monoxide, falls and much more.