Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

What is a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)?

Do you know what a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is and have you thought about whether you should get one?

At some point in the future you may not be able to make your own decisions.  A LPA allows you to appoint someone to make decisions on your behalf.  There are separate LPAs for financial affairs and for health and welfare.  They can only be set up by you whilst you can understand what you are doing.

What might happen if I don’t have a lasting power of attorney in place?

If you become unable to make your own decisions, things can become very complicated for your loved ones.  Those looking after you may need to go through the Court of Protection to deal with your affairs.  The BBC One Show video below shows how hard things became for Heather Bateman managing her husband’s affairs.

Can I choose what powers I grant?

LPAs are powerful legal documents.  It is important that you think carefully and seek advice about what powers you grant and to whom.  You can choose to give an attorney the power to make decisions about money and property for you.  This would include managing your bank account, paying bills, selling your home etc.  You can also give an attorney the power to make decisions about your health and welfare.  This would include  things like your medical care, your daily routine (eg washing, dressing, eating), moving into a care home etc.

Power of attorneyHow do I make a LPA?

You can set up an LPA yourself, to find out more visit the Office of the Public Guardian website. However it can be complicated and you might find it easier to ask for help from a company such as Langdale Wills.  The cost for preparing the documents is less than you might think.
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