Lions bottle – important messages for emergency services

What is a Lions bottle?

A Lions bottle is a simple idea.  People keep important personal and medical information in the bottle in a common location which emergency services will be aware to look for if needed.

Lions BottleHow does it work?

An unused bottle will contain two stickers.  Put one sticker inside of the front door.  You should put the second sticker on the front of the fridge.  Detail any important personal and medical information on a piece of paper, then put the message inside the bottle.  Finally put the bottle itself always in one common location, the fridge.

Emergencies services are trained to check for Lions bottle stickers.  If they see a Lions bottle sticker they know to retrieve the bottle from the fridge and to read the important information contained within.

Where do I get a bottle from?

At Gardiner’s we keep a stock of bottles here at our office in Caversham.  We are happy to give these bottles to people locally that need one.  Our Senior Care Workers and Care Managers carry a spare bottle ready to give to Service Users if needed.
Alternatively, often you can get a Lions bottle from you GP.  Or contact a Lions Club directly – Here are links to Reading Lions Club and Henley Lions Club.
Who will benefit from this service?

Lions bottles are a really good idea for anyone who has a life threatening condition or allergy.  They may also be of use for people who have disabilities and those not in good health.  Use a bottle to make details about a person’s medical condition easily available to the emergency services.  For people living alone and older people, important details can be included including next of kin telephone numbers.

Various services may potentially find the information contained with the Lions bottle useful – this includes paramedics, police, fire-fighters, hospital accident and emergency departments, social services etc.

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