Key safes – secure boxes for safe key storage

What are key safes?

Key safes are small boxes that are secured to the outside of your property.  You store your keys in the safe and set a PIN number.  By giving the PIN number to people you choose they can gain access to your house without you coming to the door.

key safesWhy use them?

  • Perhaps simply you don’t want to carry your house keys around with you.
  • If your keys are always kept and returned to the safe it is much less likely that they will be lost.
  • For those who struggle with mobility, they might not want to, or might not be able to get up and walk to the door.  Using a key safe and giving the code to let in trusted family members or carers.  means that they don’t need to.
  • Key safes can also be used to gain access in an emergency.  Without a key safe, they may need to gain entry by force, breaking the door lock.  This leaves the house unsecure for a time and can be expensive to repair.

Who uses key safes?

Key safes are used by many people, including several of the office team here at Gardiner’s.  Those who may especially benefit from having a key safe include those living alone, the elderly, those with poor mobility or at risk of falling, those hard of hearing etc.

How to get one

Forestcare service (01344 786 500) was set up by Bracknell Council.  They also serve to those who live in and around Reading or South Oxfordshire.   We don’t receive any incentive for recommending Forestcare but here are the reasons that we do:

  • A key safe can be supplied and installed for as little as £75.
  • The key safe they use is approved by the Police and the insurance industry.
  • Forestcare operates a call centre.  This means that the PIN number could be given to emergency services to gain access without forcing the door.

Remember to talk your home insurance provider

Do remember to let your home insurance provider know that you have had a key safe installed.  The Supra C500 supplied by Forest Care and is one of the few police approved models.

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