Overnight care

Overnight care provides peace of mind and reassurance that you will be looked after whatever happens through the night.  Care isn’t only needed during the day but often at night too.  Your Care Workers will stay with you in your home throughout the night to assist and support you as and when needed.

Gardiner’s team of experienced, loyal and dedicated Care Workers have provided Overnight Care to many, many people in the local area.  This care has allowed those we have helped to continue living at home, retaining levels of independence and dignity that are very hard to match if moving to a care home.  Our Care Workers provide a reassuring presence throughout the night when you feel most vulnerable.  They can be there to support with toilet breaks, moving safely around your home or assistance with medication.

Overnight care

Overnight care can be beneficial to family members also.  Perhaps by providing a break to a family member, giving them the chance to get a good night sleep.  It also provides peace of mind knowing someone will be there to assist during the night as well as to help with getting up in the morning and helping with breakfast.

Sleepover Service or Waking Night?

Overnight care can be either on a sleepover basis or a waking night.  A sleepover service is where your  Care Worker will require a bed and quiet place to sleep.  Your night carer will wake up if they hear any stirring in the house.  They can also be woken up anytime during their shift if help is needed.  Often clients will use a bell or intercom / alarm system to request help.

Waking Overnight Care is for when the client needs attention through the night and cannot be left alone.  The Care Worker can stay awake all night to watch and assist and be there for you.

As you would expect, a waking night is always more expensive than a sleeping service – please click here to view our charges.

Arranging Overnight Care

Overnight Care can be arranged for any day of the year.  Overnight Care can be requested as a regular ongoing arrangement, or for ad hoc individual nights.  Family members will often request nights duties to provide respite and allow them an undisturbed rest at night.  The minimum duration for any night duty is 10 hours and the duty should start at the latest by 10pm.

If you would like to talk to us about Overnight Care, please do call – Call us on 0118 334 7474

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