Telecare lifeline alarms

Telecare lifeline alarms provide a link to a control centre 24 hours a day.  Usually, the system will consist of a base unit connected to your phone line.  You can still use your phone in the normal way.  The base unit connects wirelessly to various alarms around your home.  If an alarm is raised, the control centre will try to speak to you through the base unit, if they are unable to communicate with you they will summon help immediately.

Telecare lifeline alarmsWho uses telecare lifeline alarms?

Many people can benefit from having telecare lifeline alarms installed.  Those who feel vulnerable at home perhaps due to living alone, age, disability, or ill health will find telecare lifeline alarms reassuring.  Many others will find the alarms useful, here at Gardiner’s we have telecare lifeline alarms installed in the office and some our office team with young families have them at home too.

What types of alarm are available?

Almost all telecare lifeline alarms come with a pendant which can be worn either on your wrist or around your neck.  The pendant can be worn anywhere in the home or the garden.  There is a red button on the pendant which if pressed will tell the base unit to connect to the control centre.

There are many types of alarm which connect to the base unit:

  • Wireless Passive Infra Red (PIR) – this sensor will detect movement (or lack of it) in the home.
  • Smoke Detector – in the event of fire will detect smoke.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector – will detect dangerous levels of CO in the event of a gas leak.
  • Flood Detector – will detect water on the floor (overflowing bath / sink; leaking washing machine).
  • Falls Pendant – worn around kneck or wrist and will detect falls via excessive tilt of individual.
  • Temperature Sensor – provides early warning of temperature ranges for example, if a cooker is left on.
  • Bogus Caller Button – provides reassurance when opening the front door to strangers.
  • Door Entry / Exit Sensor – warns that user has left home and not returned within set time.
  • Bed / Chair Occupancy Sensor – alerts that user has left chair / bed and not in set time. This sensor can also monitor for enuresis (incontinence).
  • Epilepsy Sensor – detects a seizure and raises an automatic call with the control centre.
  • Sounder Beacon – alert users hard of hearing that an alarm is activated.
  • Vibrating Pillow Alert – powerful vibrates under pillow to wake the user that a sensor is activated.

Where can I get a telecare lifeline alarms system from?

Many companies provide telecare lifeline alarm systems.  Forest Care is a good strating point, they were set up by Bracknell Forest Council but cover a much wider area including Reading and South Oxfordshire.  To find out more, visit the Forest Care wesbite or call 01344786500.

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