Working together

The Gardiner’s vision is to work as a team and make a real difference to the lives of the people we help to support.  We seek to achieve this by Working Together as a team.

Working Together is a value for Gardiner’s.  All staff are expected to work well as a team together and with others who are involved in the care and support of our clients including family members.

In our workplace, this key value is linked to behaviours that help our team to deliver exceptional care and support.

Which behaviours demonstrate the Gardiner’s value of Working Together?

  • Empowering, encouraging and enabling people who need care and support to do things for themselves and to make their own decisions
  • Communicating options and offering realistic choices
  • Building two-way relationships of trust with colleagues and service users
  • Committing to working with and supporting others as part of a team
  • Communicating effectively
  • Understanding and respecting other people’s priorities
  • Adapting the approach taken according to the individual and situation

Working Together

“My mum was diagnosed with moderate cognitive impairment. Unfortunately, she lost her husband quite some time ago and my sister and I both live out of the country. It is very important to my mum that she remain living at home for as long as possible. We have arranged to have Gardiners come in twice a day to help her take her medicine, overall health, keep her place up, pick up groceries, make sure she is eating and drinking and have companionship. The Care Givers at Gardiners are so lovely, they treat her with respect and gently guide and prompt her to do what she needs to do. They are warm and she feels comforted by them. Most importantly they have literally been lifesavers a few times when Mum has been sick but did not call for help. The Gardiners Team allows my mum to stay at home safely which is so important to her and allows my sister and I to feel that we are respecting her wishes and keeping her safe. We are thrilled with Gardiners and couldn’t survive without them.”

Review from Anne B (Daughter of Client) published on 21 November 2019

“Gardiner’s are a very professionally run care agency which puts the client at the forefront of all that they do. We would unreservedly recommend them for reliability, high standard of care, respect for the client and attention to detail. My mother had the same two carers for 5 years. They treated her with the utmost respect, kindness and dignity.”

“My mother’s memory was rapidly failing, but her fierce independence was undiminished despite her increasing confusion. The staff from Gardiner’s were caring and supportive of her, willing to “go the extra mile” and were good at keeping her relatives in the loop when issues or potential problems came up. We were very happy with the professional service provided. Mum challenged her carers by refusing to accept their help (and then forgetting that the task still needed to be done), and we reluctantly came to see that she needed the full-time care offered by a residential home, where she now lives. Gardiner’s enabled her to maintain her prized independence for significantly longer than she would have been able to without their skill and effort. We feel lucky to have found them.”

Review from I B (Son of Client) published on 18 December 2019

“I have always been impressed by the level of care provided by all the Gardiner’s carers that attended to my mother, as well as the support received from everyone in the office.”

Review from Eleni A (Daughter of Client) published on 6 December 2019

“Living abroad and having your relative in need of care offers insecurity, stress and anxiety. Gardiner’s has not only risen up to the challenge but has surpassed it tenfold. I couldn’t be happier with the services offered, the level of care offered and the peace of mind I now have after three months of Gardiner carers. More than once a situation has arisen whereupon the carers are needed to step up and they do, taking care of the situation quickly, effectively and discreetly. The carers have been kind, responsive and compassionate to my mother offering not only their expertise but companionship.  Any concerns I might have, are answered immediately and responsibly. I couldn’t have managed this situation without Gardiner’s and I am very grateful to have them not only as part of my mothers life but also as an imperative part of mine. Thank you Gardiner’s, I am eternally grateful.”

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