Gardiner’s Homecare – Our Vision

At Gardiner’s Homecare our vision is to work as a team and make a real difference to the lives of the people we help to support.  We recognise that people come to us for help when, for whatever reason, day to day life starts to become more of a struggle.  As a local and family business, we are privileged to support clients to continue to lead independent lives in their own homes.

We work as a team to earn the trust, not just of those we support, but also their families and loved ones.  We seek to provide outstanding care and to exceed the expectations of those who ask us for help.  At Gardiner’s Homecare – Our Vision is underpinned by our values.

Gardiner's Homecare - Our Vision

Our values

Our team embraces a set of core values that are the foundation of everything we do.

These values are the guiding principles that help our team to deliver exceptional care and support.

Dignity & Respect

Working together

Professional & Transparent

Gardiner’s Homecare – Our Vision is something we are proud of.  We are proud to be members of Homecare Association and proud of the feedback we receive.

“Throughout the year the care for my wife has been of the highest professional standard and very much appreciated.  Difficult situations have been handled with dignity and skill and on the right occasion a touch of humour.  Your carers are invariably friendly and aware of my wife’s needs.  Additionally, the communication from the office staff is excellent.”
“My husband’s complex health issues were sensitively addressed by the well-trained carers from Gardiner’s. I appreciated the manager making regular comprehensive reviews of my husband’s changing needs and capabilities. This made a good match between him and his carers more possible. Also, as dementia 
took over, it was important that he knew and felt safe with the same few ladies.  From the start, I knew that Gardiner’s would be reliable and they were. Care arrived on time whether there was heavy snow, a sudden crisis on Christmas Day or a global pandemic…  It is my belief that the mutual trust and respect between the care users, the fabulous carers themselves and the office staff is the key to Gardiner’s rightly earned good reputation.  Without the help of Gardiner’s lovely kind carers, my husband would not have been able to remain at home right up until the end of his life. I thank everyone for that.”