Hearing loss and care at home

As we age many of us find that we suffer from hearing loss.  Conversation is key to social interaction – our independence can be dramatically affected by hearing loss.  This post aims to help with hearing loss and care at home.

Hearing loss and care at homeWhat is the impact of hearing loss?

Imagine being gradually stripped of your ability to communicate with friends, family and others. Imagine not being able to hear your alarm clock in the morning or no longer being able to listen to music or the radio.

As we age and our hearing becomes less sensitive, most aspects of our lives will be affected.  Our hearing sensitivity will vary with different sounds – some sound when people are speaking are harder  to hear than others.  Social interaction can become really difficult, relationships may be strained.  It is mentally hard work and tiring trying to listen in what may previously  have been a relaxing situation.

Hearing loss and care at home – how can we help?

People suffering from hearing loss may starts to feel frustrated, they may suffer from depression and feel disengaged.  All of this may be overcome with help from their GP and local audiologist.  Hearing aids are cost effective and work.  This is a key for Hearing loss and care at home, i.e. how we can help.

Hearing loss and care at home – For those caring for people in their own homes, it is important to realise that signs of withdrawal, exhaustion, seeming misunderstanding or forgetfulness, may be due to hearing problems.  It is important to encourage people to have their hearing tested.  Many audiologists will visit people at home.

Care workers can provide support and encouragement to people who wear hearing aids.  Hearing loss and care at home – Encouraging people to wear hearing aids is important, care workers providing encouragement but also checking batteries and cleaning the aids can make a huge difference.

The BSHAA Guide to Better Hearing is well worth a read for further info.

Why not contact Gardiner’s to see how we might be able to help you or a loved one.

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