How can care at home help?

How can care at home help?Do you know how can care at home help you to maintain your independence living in your own home? On this page, we consider in what ways and with what tasks Care Workers who visit you at your home can help support.

Whatever it is that you are struggling with in your day-to-day life, our Care Workers are likely to be able to help. Maintaining your independence is important.  It is worth spending some time thinking about what it is that you struggle with where a little support would make all the difference.  What things do you love to do but find that you are unable to do as often now?  Are there any tasks or jobs that you avoid doing?  What might help to make you feel happier, more content, and fulfilled?

In what ways can Care Workers help?

  • Building confidence after a stay in the hospital perhaps by staying overnight to provide reassurance or assistance
  • Providing companionship or helping you to maintain a hobby or interest
  • Accompanying on walks or perhaps trips to the cinema or a local café
  • Preparing meals and drinks & if needed support with eating and drinking
  • Going to the shops with you, or going for you if needed
  • Housework such as cleaning, changing the bedsheets or putting the bins out
  • Taking medication
  • Reading paperwork aloud to you or assisting to make telephone calls
  • Getting up, dressed & ready for the day.
  • Getting ready for bed in the evening
  • Accompanying to appointments
  • Washing & grooming – having a bath or shower, brushing teeth, shaving etc
  • Support to use the toilet, if needed emptying a commode or other continence care such as changing pads, emptying catheter bags etc

What tasks can’t we help with?

Where we are not allowed to help with certain tasks on safety grounds, for example, heavy lifting of any kind, including lifting or moving you without appropriate equipment or a sufficient number of people to assist; household maintenance (including DIY tasks); assistance with your finance; cutting toe or fingernails.

Why choose care at home?

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