As a responsible care provider, we need to be confident that you are moving safely at home.  Sometimes, we raise concern if there is a risk of injury either to you as a client, or to our staff

The role of an Occupational Therapists

An Occupational Therapists (OT) supports adults whose ageing, disabilities or health conditions have stopped them from doing the activities that are important to them.  An OT will identify why you’re having difficulties with a certain task.  They will consider all daily tasks related to moving safely at home.  This includes washing and dressing, toileting, getting out of bed, and preparing meals.  The OT will work to help you maintain your independence and reduce the risk of injury.

Your GP will be able to organise an NHS OT referral for you if you need one.  Sometimes there can be a long waiting list – if so you can request the services of an OT privately, this service is offered local to Gardiner’s by Therapies on Thames.

Moving safely at homeA fall or injury can affect confidence. This makes them less likely to do certain tasks and go out and about.  An OT will make suggestions that help you to safely improve your mobility and confidence.

An OT will often assess your home.  They will consider things such as the height of worktops as well as what equipment you might need.  Some clients require a hospital bed that can rise up and down.  Toilet frames can reduce the risk of falls in the bathroom.  Perhaps a tray to carry hot drinks might help.

After leaving the hospital an OT may work with both the client and their carer.  By doing so, this can reduce how frequently a client needs care.

It is important to get Occupational Therapy involved quickly. Doing so can help clients to maintain independence and to stay in their own homes for longer.

Care Workers mustn’t ever lift a client

Care Worker will never be allowed to lift a client.  To do so is unsafe not only for the Care Worker but also for the client. Either could be injured.  It is for this reason that they must use the correct equipment which has been put in place by an OT.

Helping people to move safely

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