Covid-19 precautions 

Covid precautions in homecareWhat Covid precautions in homecare should you expect to see?

We know that our clients rely upon the help that they receive from Gardiner’s.  Our clients have at times needed to balance their need for support against the risk of exposure to Covid.

Our Care Workers needed to show courage and bravery.  They were out supporting those in need whilst much of the country was being warned not to leave home. Domiciliary care workers help those they support to stay fit, healthy, and happy.  Ths vital contribution has been really important in minimising the pressure on the NHS.

Covid precautions in homecare

Gardiner’s takes many steps to help keep our staff and clients safe.


Most importantly, we strongly encouraged all of our team to get vaccinated.  The response from our team was amazing.  Management secured access to the vaccine at a very early stage.  Take-up was exceptionally high at 95%.  Vaccination for all care staff is mandatory from April 2022.


Early detection prevents the spread of the virus.  Every week our team takes PCR COVID tests.

Training & Infection Control

All staff have undertaken repeated training in relation to Covid, infection control, and the use of PPE.  Our team understands the symptoms of Covid-19.   We are all aware when to stay at home and self-isolate.

Infection control continues to be of key importance.  Every staff member is provided with alcohol gel.  You will notice that Care Workers will frequently be washing their hands thoroughly with soap and water.  We also regularly check that all clients maintain good stocks of soap, kitchen rolls for hand drying, and surface cleaner.

All staff have full PPE.  Disposable surgical face masks are worn at every care duty.   Gloves and aprons are worn where contact is required.  Face shields will be worn if there is a higher risk level.

For any client with symptoms of Covid-19, or where they live with someone displaying symptoms, we will seek to find ways to help whilst avoiding contact that could lead to the spread amongst our staff and clients.  If possible, we will suspend care for the short isolation period or adapt working ways to avoid close contact.

Staffing levels

Throughout the pandemic, we have managed staff levels well.  In the event of staff shortages, we will prioritise our attendance to those clients most in need of our support.  We do urge all clients to have a backup plan for this possibility and will maintain close communication with you.

Thank you to all our staff and clients for their support during this difficult time.  It is important to keep well and maintain high spirits.  If there is something concerning you or even if you just want a chat, please do call and we will seek to help you.

Click here to read more about ours measures to help protect clients and staff against the risks associated with COVID-19.

The Government guidance with respect to homecare provision is available online.