How to organise care at home

Thinking about how to organise care at home can be a daunting prospect.  This page sets out what you can expect with Gardiner’s and our process when arranging care for new clients.

How to organise care at home – your initial research

How to organise care at homeThe first step when considering how to organise care at home is to do some research.  Speak with friends and family that may have had care at home already.  Which company did they use?  What is their feedback about that provider?  You can also do some research online, try to find and read some client reviews and testimonials.

Next, make a shortlist of who you would like to speak with and what questions you would like to ask.  Hopefully, you will include Gardiner’s on that list – here is how to contact us.

When you make an enquiry to Gardiner’s, we will record your contact details and other information that you share.  We will keep this information ready for when you decide to use our services.  It won’t be used for any other purpose or passed on to anyone else and will be deleted after 1 year.

You will be sent a copy of our terms and our Service User Guide.  Please read through these documents carefully – if you need any help or support to do so we are very happy to help you in whatever way we can.  When you are happy to agree to the terms and proceed, please call 0118 334 7474 during office hours (Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 17:00).  Outside of these hours and on Bank Holidays, we operate an On-Call service via the same number.

Proceeding with Gardiner’s

When you call back to request Gardiner’s services, we will take details from you and check that we are able to meet your request. Once we have confirmed that we are able to accommodate your care request we will call you back.

Terms will need to be signed by the person who is to receive and organise the payment of invoices.  When signed terms have been received, you can request that duties are booked and an initial assessment arranged.  Should you change your mind, the charges detailed in our terms will apply.

Our office manager will liaise with you to organise invoicing arrangements including setting up direct debit payment.

An initial assessment meeting will now be booked to take place at your house.  We listen to you and seek to understand what your care needs are and how you would like us to help.  Your care plan will be documented and should include all of the ways that you would like us to support you. We will need to ask questions to find out about you and your home.  This is so we make sure we can safely provide the care you require.

There is a lot that we need to cover during an Initial Assessment and we welcome input from those who support you.  It really helps for you to think and talk about what care or support you might require in advance of this meeting.  We will also send to you a list of information to send to us before the meeting.  Doing this saves time during the assessment and helps us to prepare.

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