How to manage care at home

Knowing how to manage care at home is never an easy task.  At Gardiner’s, there are several key steps which we take.

Every Client has their own Care Manager

Every Service User at Gardiner’s has an appointed Care Manager to act as their first point of contact at Gardiner’s.  The Care Managers, Senior Care Workers and the rest of our office team work together to match your needs and preferred times to the most appropriate, regularly available team of Care Workers.

Digital Care Planning – How to manage care at home

When considering how to manage care at home, digital care planning is important. Care Workers use a mobile phone app called PPOC to view your agreed care plan and record the care that they provide.  This system allows for care plans to be changed quickly reflecting changing needs and preferences.  It is a secure and fully encrypted system where information is only available to Care Workers for 7 days before they visit you.

We will keep you informed about who is visiting and when by calling to speak with you or sending weekly rosters preferably by email rather than post.  You can also access current information about who is visiting, as well as care notes from previous visits, by using PPOC.

We use PPOC to monitor the arrival and departure of Care Workers.  If we have not received notification via the app that the Care Worker has arrived within half an hour of the expected start time we will receive an alert.  We will contact the Care Worker and possibly the Service User to establish the reason for the delay and whether the cover is required.

How to manage care at homeRegular Reviews and Communication

Your Care Manager, or a Senior Care Worker, will visit and speak with you regularly in order to review your care and see how well we are meeting your needs and preferences.  We will let you know in advance before we need to visit so that we can agree a time.  It can be helpful to have a family member to attend review meetings if they help to provide support to you.

Sometimes we need to visit to observe a Care Worker so we can satisfy ourselves about how well and how safely they do their job.

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