Foot care

It is important to take good care of our feet in later life.  Problems with your feet can stop you getting out and about. They can also affect your balance and increase the risk of falling. So it’s important to look after your feet, and report problems such as foot pain and decreased feeling to a healthcare professional.

Taking good care of your feet helps to lower the risk of having a fall and reduces the risk of infection, as well as relieving pain.

Care Workers are not allowed to cut toe nails since to do this requires specialist training.

We are please to provide on this page information about foot service providers.

Please note that Gardiner’s does not recommend any of these services, we have been provided with their details but have not completed any background checks unless otherwise stated.


Master Footcare – Rachel Master

  • Home visits
  • Corns, Calluses, Verrucas, Fungal Infections, Diabetic Foot Care, Toe Nail Cutting & Filing, Treatment of Thickened Toe Nails, Foot Care Advice.
  • 07933 220500
  • [email protected]


Age UK Reading Happy Feet

  • Nailcutting service is there for those who find it difficult to cut their own toenails.
  • Run from community locations across Reading, it’s affordable and accessible and includes a foot massage!