Nursing care at home?

Dorothy Gardiner established our business in 1968.  She supplied nurses and nursing auxiliaries to local hospitals and other institutions.  Dorothy also supplied nursing care at home and nursing auxiliary care to people in their own homes.  Nursing auxiliaries would work under the support and direction of nurses.  Today the job title of auxiliary nurse is used far less often.  Nowadays the role is often referred to as that of a Healthcare Assistant or Care Worker.

Nursing care at home

In the 1970’s there was a realisation that existing nurse training was inadequate and a more professional approach was needed.  Rapid change followed and many nursing specialisms developed. Nurses also became more independent.  Rather than merely assisting doctors, some nurses became able to diagnose, treat and prescribe to patients themselves.  In 2009, all nurses in the UK became degree level certified.

Almost all care provided to people in their own homes is provided by Care Workers.  Often the Care Workers work closely with and follow the guidance provided by District or Community Nurses.

At Gardiner’s Homecare we are proud of our routes in nursing and care.  This is reflected in the professional and compassionate approach that we take.  To this day we have Registered Nurses and ex-nurses amongst our team and a large number of our Care Workers have gone on to train as nurses.

Nowadays Gardiner’s specialises in providing care at home, we no longer supply nurses or nursing care.

Can Care Workers be trained to provided more specialist care?

Sometimes Care Workers are now provided with specialist training to allow them to assist with more specialised tasks which previously would have been reserved for the role of a nurse.  Very occasionally, people with acute medical conditions do require nursing care at home from a Registered Nurse but this is rare.   Support will be provided from your local NHS Continuing Healthcare team.

We hope the above information helps to explain the differences between the role of a Registered Nurse and a Care Worker.

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